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We are HOUSTON PROUD, and we are TEXANS and we fully support all our major league teams come rain or shine, good or bad.

There is always a game, event or sporting occasion playing on one of our

21 High Defintion Flat Screen TV's. Whether Football, Baseball, Hockey Basketball, you name it, professional or college, we have it!

With both Direct TV and Comcast we show all the games and never miss the chance to cheer on the home team (and some of our not home favorites.)

Olympics, winter and summer, World Cup mens and ladies, golf and tennis from Australia or Paris and on to London, all thats relevant we will show it!

From Superbowl Sunday to the crack of the first bat at spring training, if it's being televised we will be watching.

Why not join us for a beer, a burger and the game?

Coaches Pub, The RIGHT CALL every time!

Where the games never stop!

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